Make Soup. Add Moose. Enjoy Music. Pt 1.

What’s your first thought when someone tells you they’re in a band called ‘Soup the Moose’?

I will bet one of two things:

You will think “What?” and wonder if you heard incorrectly.

You will be speechless and find yourself incapable of speaking.

Well I shall tell you now that you in fact did NOT hear incorrectly, Soup the Moose indeed exists


Check us out, yo.

The year I graduated a bunch of friends and I decided to form an informal folk band as we would be graduating in one month’s time and did not want to stop making music together (Band geeks since ’03 say whattt?).

Well first “rehearsal” went terribly, to say the least. The 9 of us spent most time goofing off, and after that the songs we did play weren’t really in the folk genre. However, things were about to change…

It started with a jig…

And grew into our first gypsy song titled “Moar Wytches!”…

Which then grew into a host of other gypsy songs that we HAVE JUST FINISHED RECORDING!

Monday and today were two of the most amazing days of my musical career. Recording in an actual studio alongside my lovely bandmates was a a wonderful way to spend two cold winter’s (Okay, yes it’s still techinally fall. My apologies) days.

So all in all, my band has gone from a small informal group to one with recordings, fans, and honorary members. 😉

And let me just say I cannot wait to see what the future holds!



To live the gypsy life or not…



Now before you groan and plan your assassination of me for that comment let me defend myself by stating that today is, in fact, a happy monday morning for me.


And I am quite excited.

And I promise details, LOTS OF THEM. But first, I have a blog post I promised you all (From last week…my deepest apologies)

When we left off last week our young heroine had just been cornered by a young gypsy man from Chiynyoloslovakia* who was begging her to run away with him back to his homeland overseas so she could forever play violin in a wandering minstrel folk band-


Is it kind of sad that I wish it would? But that I’m not really sure I would take handsome gypsy man up on his offer?

Saying I adore music is a huge understatement; if something were to happen that prevented me from being a musician I would not be able to function. Although I’m not pursuing it post-secondary I would not give up my club orchestra and band for anything.

That being said, I’m not sure if I would give up my current post-secondary education or not if the opportunity to pursue music in a band arose. For a while I was adamant that I wanted to complete my degree before anything else because it’s a huge personal goal for me and I want to reach that milestone. However if touring was a once in a lifetime chance then I know that rejecting the offer would be one of the greatest regrets of my life.

Decisions, decisions…that hopefully will not have to be made while I’m still in university. I am content with where my music is at this point. And while I would jump at the chance to perform for a live audience the question still lies as to whether I would jump at the chance to run away to Chiynyoloslovakia** with an attractive gypsy man…

*Still not a country                                                                                                             **Just googled it. Definitely still not a country.


And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

In which our heroine explains the backstory of the 12 year relationship with her main instrument, le violin.

Well I may have stretched the truth a tad when describing how this post would be all “IMMA CLASSY GIRL ORCHESTRAL VIOLINIST BY DAY AND KICK-ASS GYPSY VIOLINIST BY NIGHT” because for one, I’m one of those beings that requires 8 hours of sleep and two, I find it very challenging to dance and play violin simultaneously.

When I was 8 my parents told me I was to chose an instrument to learn, and I rejected the mainstream piano choice in favour of the violin. Unfortunately, being young, practicing always got put on the back burner. Out of all the mistakes I’ve made in my life, my biggest to date is not practicing violin as much as I should have. My skill could be much greater than it is currently if I had put just a tad more effort into it.

Anyways as I approached my 9th year i decided to take  leap of faith and try the Royal Conservatory of Music exams. It was the most stressful, frightening, exhilarating, and exhausting thing I had ever done and it amounted to 9 months of practicing for 3 (sometimes 6) hours a day. And it was at this point in my life I realized how much I appreciated having the skill of knowing how to play violin and being classically trained. (On the downside it kind of crushed my thoughts of pursuing a bachelor of music after high school, but that’s okay 🙂 )

After high school I stopped taking lessons and I ended up joining my university orchestra. Best. Decision. Ever. This was the thing that forced me to practice (You caught me; I got kind of lax after my RCM exam) and, in the past year and a half, has caused me to become such a better player than I ever imagined myself capable of. All the amazing people and music that comes together once a week has only intensified my classy, fly, orchestral side. 😉

But onto the gypsy part.

In my last year of high school a bunch of my friends formed a musical collective entitled “Soup the Moose.” I have always loved celtic music and, while it took a while to find our footing and take off, we are now proud to call ourselves a world music/gypsy/folk band (amongst other things). Being part of this band has fueled my love of world music and even inspired me to write a jig. My ability to listen to a song and be able to play an accompaniment soon after is put to good use.

And there you have it. The longish tale of how I came to be the dual-violinist I am today 😀

Once again, I LIED: When things are right but wrong

Well just having come back from the dentist I have a new exciting post that I’m desperate to write about before following through on my dual-violinist-personality post.

I do apologize for making you all wait for my planned post but let’s be honest, a little anticipation never hurt anyone 😉

But because you are all amazing I will write not one but TWO posts today, the latter being my pre-planned one 😀

Now back to today’s story…

When i was eight I chipped one of my front teeth and had to get a temporary cap bonded onto it. So for the last 11 years I’ve lived a normal-toothed life…until a few months ago when I noticed that one corner of my tooth was begining to wear down. Last time I was at the dentist’s he just filed it down and sent me on my way.

And then I got another chip in my tooth. Not huge or life-threatening, but annoying and something I wanted gone. So today I had another cap bonded on to fix the chip and the worn-down corner. All good!




After running one’s tongue over a slightly chipped tooth for a few months one gets accustomed to the feeling of a non-linear tooth line. But now as feel my tooth reborn it feels different and odd and weird and wrong.

Even though it’s right.


I guess a more accurate title would be “unforeseen circumstances arose”…such as a night out at the pub with friends. needless to say I am not in the best state of mind to write a post right now, I’m merely here to express my frustration at attempting to put on pajamas. I promise tomorrow I will be in a better state of mind to follow through on my blog outline.


Good night to you all.

Not sure if blogging correctly, or…/Oh hi freedom!

First things first:

First semester of second year?



First thing I did?

Cleaned and vacuumed my room as there was 3 weeks worth of clothing hiding the floor from view.

Anyways, relating back the the first half of this title, I have an outline all ready for my next two blogs (not counting this one). As the title mentions I’m not sure if there’s some “blog-guidelines” or unspoken rule relating to planning out blog posts in advance…

But anyways, here’s a quick rundown of what the next two days (not counting this one) will bring to you lovely readers:

1.) In tomorrow’s post, our young heroine explains the origins of how she came to be a fly, classy, orchestral violinist by day and a kick-ass, folkster, dancing gypsy violinist by night*

*(Read as: “It took 10 years for me to really appreciate being classically trained” and “Joining a gypsy/folk band was the best decision of my life”)

2.) In thursday’s post the one question that you’ve all been burning to ask will finally be answered: What would our young heroine do if a gypsy boy came and swept her off to Chiynyoloslovakia* to become part of a wandering minstrel folk band in the middle of her university studies?

*Not actually a country, meant to represent the allure of Europe and all things gypsy.

Well, unspoken rule or not, I’m quite excited about the posts I have yet to write.

Now to reap the benefits of being done with finals.

…Only 4.5 more years to go…

Because Scott (AKA, I can’t count)

Well, the truth comes out.

I can’t count to three.

As a musician, this is worrisome.

Anyways, it would appear I forgot my 3rd tidbit for you all in yesterday’s post. I hereby post the official 3rd piece of information right here and now:

3.) Rufous Hummingbirds will always defend the same number of flowers in their territory regardless of their territory size. This is because after a certain territory size the energy wasted from flying around defending such a large area outwighs the benefits (in this case, energy gained from nectar).

I like hummingbirds. And I find it fascinating that they just know how many flowers to defend.

So there you are!

Unfortunately, as I just had my ecology exam, this no longer counts as studying…