Those people…

Yep. Those people.

I’m sorry I need to get out of the habit of assuming people know exactly what I’m speaking about.

Those people who, in exams, don’t turn their phone off, or on vibrate. And it goes off. And it distracts ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE. And then everyone stares at the poor TA or proctor who then proceeds to go on a scavenger hunt though the forest of backpacks, purses, and coats to find the one that contains the idiot’s cellular device.

In all my time as a student here’s what’s happened:

1.) Either the phone stops ringing/singing before anyone can reach it (No fun).

2.) The phone does not cease the annoying noise and the bag is carried out of the room to prevent further distraction.

So here’s the thing…although it is pounded into our heads (for some of us, at least) that you are not allowed phones in exams, everyone brings there’s in. I bring mine to exams. BUT THE DIFFERENCE IS I TURN MINE OFF. OR AT LEAST TO SILENT. The best part of this is I have yet to see the proctor stop students writing and demand to know who’s phone it was, or even search through the bag for an ID. Or answer the phone (I’d do that, if it were up to me). My hair-wrenching exasperation is that the guilty students receives no repercussions for distracting the hundreds of other students taking the exam. And for being a complete moron. HOW HARD IS IT TO TURN IT TO SILENT. IT TAKES LESS THAN 5 SECONDS. YOU LAZY TURD.

So the lazy turds win. They keep distracting students with no repercussions for having no common sense and being disrespectful of others.

(I had an exam today and this surprisingly did not happen. However, I expect it to in the upcoming ones. And I may just throw a chopping board out the window if it does).

Those people…


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