This counts as studying

Just three little tidbits of information for any of you fine collectors of random facts.

(Background: I’m studying environmental science and focussing on applied biology (total animal lover) so as I review my ecology notes what better way to review then to present some cool facts to you lovely reader?)

1.) Human females have the capability to have 1 child every 10 months from sexual maturity until menopause.

-Let us take a moment to pause, gag, and shudder                                                                …                                                                                                                                             Let’s continue, shall we?

2.) Trophic efficiency in aquatic ecosystems is about 10%. Tuna feed of pelagic fishes, which on turn feed on zooplankton, which in turn feed on phytoplankton. With a 10% efficiency 100kg of phytoplankton are needed to support a 100g tuna.

Here’s the thing…


Meaning that 1 tuna requires 250000kg of phytoplankton to support it. And we fish a lot of tuna.

Well I hope I brought some cool unnecessary information into your life for today. 🙂


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