Not sure if blogging correctly, or…/Oh hi freedom!

First things first:

First semester of second year?



First thing I did?

Cleaned and vacuumed my room as there was 3 weeks worth of clothing hiding the floor from view.

Anyways, relating back the the first half of this title, I have an outline all ready for my next two blogs (not counting this one). As the title mentions I’m not sure if there’s some “blog-guidelines” or unspoken rule relating to planning out blog posts in advance…

But anyways, here’s a quick rundown of what the next two days (not counting this one) will bring to you lovely readers:

1.) In tomorrow’s post, our young heroine explains the origins of how she came to be a fly, classy, orchestral violinist by day and a kick-ass, folkster, dancing gypsy violinist by night*

*(Read as: “It took 10 years for me to really appreciate being classically trained” and “Joining a gypsy/folk band was the best decision of my life”)

2.) In thursday’s post the one question that you’ve all been burning to ask will finally be answered: What would our young heroine do if a gypsy boy came and swept her off to Chiynyoloslovakia* to become part of a wandering minstrel folk band in the middle of her university studies?

*Not actually a country, meant to represent the allure of Europe and all things gypsy.

Well, unspoken rule or not, I’m quite excited about the posts I have yet to write.

Now to reap the benefits of being done with finals.

…Only 4.5 more years to go…


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