Once again, I LIED: When things are right but wrong

Well just having come back from the dentist I have a new exciting post that I’m desperate to write about before following through on my dual-violinist-personality post.

I do apologize for making you all wait for my planned post but let’s be honest, a little anticipation never hurt anyone 😉

But because you are all amazing I will write not one but TWO posts today, the latter being my pre-planned one 😀

Now back to today’s story…

When i was eight I chipped one of my front teeth and had to get a temporary cap bonded onto it. So for the last 11 years I’ve lived a normal-toothed life…until a few months ago when I noticed that one corner of my tooth was begining to wear down. Last time I was at the dentist’s he just filed it down and sent me on my way.

And then I got another chip in my tooth. Not huge or life-threatening, but annoying and something I wanted gone. So today I had another cap bonded on to fix the chip and the worn-down corner. All good!




After running one’s tongue over a slightly chipped tooth for a few months one gets accustomed to the feeling of a non-linear tooth line. But now as feel my tooth reborn it feels different and odd and weird and wrong.

Even though it’s right.


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