Make Soup. Add Moose. Enjoy Music. Pt 1.

What’s your first thought when someone tells you they’re in a band called ‘Soup the Moose’?

I will bet one of two things:

You will think “What?” and wonder if you heard incorrectly.

You will be speechless and find yourself incapable of speaking.

Well I shall tell you now that you in fact did NOT hear incorrectly, Soup the Moose indeed exists


Check us out, yo.

The year I graduated a bunch of friends and I decided to form an informal folk band as we would be graduating in one month’s time and did not want to stop making music together (Band geeks since ’03 say whattt?).

Well first “rehearsal” went terribly, to say the least. The 9 of us spent most time goofing off, and after that the songs we did play weren’t really in the folk genre. However, things were about to change…

It started with a jig…

And grew into our first gypsy song titled “Moar Wytches!”…

Which then grew into a host of other gypsy songs that we HAVE JUST FINISHED RECORDING!

Monday and today were two of the most amazing days of my musical career. Recording in an actual studio alongside my lovely bandmates was a a wonderful way to spend two cold winter’s (Okay, yes it’s still techinally fall. My apologies) days.

So all in all, my band has gone from a small informal group to one with recordings, fans, and honorary members. 😉

And let me just say I cannot wait to see what the future holds!



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