Let’s Folk

In one week’s time
I will be,
Alongside two (and probably more; my friend group likes to engulf other friend groups. LIKE AN AMOEBA) of my wonderful friends


And I’m aware some of you (hopefully, only a few. Wait…I only have a few readers…so best case scenario one or zero (ZERO FTW)) are thinking “So what?” “Don’t care.” “Shut up I hate you.” “I couldn’t get tickets now you’ve made me sad thanks a lot…” and I apologize if the latter is the case. However, this is not to be  blog post about my feelings of the concert; it is a backstory of how me and one of my favourite bands (and genres) came to be.

In early 2011 I was at a musical transition point in my life. Having found myself listening to punk rock bands for the last three years I was feeling a little…bored. This isn’t the most correct term as I still am a huge fan of bands such as Anti-Flag and Rise Against; however I can’t think of one that describes how I was ready to find more music to add to my playlists.

Anyways, along comes 2011, and with it the discovery of a radio station based out of Victoria, “The Zone 91.3”. It immediately became my new favourite station. A bit of punk rock, a bit of grunge rock, and loads upon loads of local BC artists (SUPPORTYOURLOCALMUSICSCENE). Among this treasure trove was another group to be discovered: Mumford and Sons.

The Zone started playing their single “The Cave” and I was smitten already 5 seconds into the song. I can remember sitting in the car as it played and not being able to think anything else other than “These guys are good….like….amazingly amazing…” (Forgive my 17 year old brain for lack of adjectives). And then I looked them up on the youtubes. And fell in love. This was the first time I had found a band in which the members incorporated so many different instruments into their sound, and on top of all were each multi-instrumentalists themselves.

Then came (in no particular order, and to only name a few) Johnny Flynn, The Staves, Aidan Knight, Beirut, Feist, Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, and so so so many more than I can type.

And how I have been folking ever since.

And how I will continue to folk up to and past next Friday.

With Mumford and Sons.

Folkster out.

Mumford and Sons Holland Park // Holland Road


The plea of a democratically-abled

As many you BC’ers know, we are soon to be engulfed in a provincial election on May 14th. I sincerely hope this is not unknown knowledge the majority of young adults in BC who may stumble upon and read this blog by chance.

And I don’t mean to sound like I’m stereotyping but I know that out of all age groups MOST young adults, especially those who have just turned 18, will not vote. Heck, even some 20 year olds I know aren’t voting.

All this for a variety reasons; I didn’t research, I don’t have time, I’m working…but the most frightening one, to me, is this:
“I don’t really care.”

This is frightening to me. Because as the youth grow older and continue to not care and as those who turn legal voting age also continue to not care the time may come where only the voice of handful of people will be heard. These people will elect the government in power. And as the number of voters dwindle, so does the chance of changing the government in power.

And not everyone is going to agree with this government.


On May 14th, vote. Please vote. Please exercise your democratic right. Having taken a political science course I can fully appreciate the freedom of having the privilege of anonymous voting for whomever you choose. I don’t know if its appropriate to beg anymore than I am, because I wish I could make younger adults realize the power they have over who is elected, and I realize that the pleas of a university student may fall on deaf ears but even if that may be so I will still be voting (2nd time!) 😀

Even if you haven’t researched a lot, there are so many sites which give a brief rundown on where each candidate/party stands on specific issues. Look at the ones that matter to you. Not your friends, not your parents, but you. 

And on May 14th, please remember to vote.

It’s the small things/Back to basics (CLICHE GALORE)

One would think that after 4 months of wanting to just throw school assignments and pencil cases and anything within grabbing distance out the window while screaming and swearing and kicking and punching and wanting to crawl up in a hole and forget about existing that a certain university student would be on her way to Cuba to sip on pina coladas by a nice relaxing beach without a care in the world…


1.) I have no interest to visit Cuba


3.) That reaction was the last of its kind…ever; for I am officially done with calculus, chemistry, and physics courses. For good. I am now blessed to take the upper level biology courses that made me fall in love with my environmental science program to begin with.

And that gives me plenty of time to get back to basics, to focus on small goals that, in the future, will pay off in ways that can only lead to the better. Now I’m not a huge optimist…I’m the optimist that is happy when things work out/are working out…and a total stressball when life just keeps unraveling in my hands. I’m…a semi-optimist. But still, having to focus less on school and getting four months to re-evaluate what is important to me has caused me to think very hard about what I actually want to get out of life (CLICHE 1).

Which brings me back to the basics of me as person; namely, a musician. If I’m describing myself to someone I’ll definitely make a point to emphasize how huge music is to me (as can be seen from previous blogs posts). And while I do have a band and an orchestra, I still feel as if I’m missing something. I really can’t find the right way of describing it, but while thinking about what I can do to fulfill this missing piece, I’ve come up with the following:

I have vowed that this summer I will spend 2 hours 6 days a week practicing my music. This applies to all aspects. Violin, trombone, clarinet, banjo, guitar, technique, and theory. This is for nobody else except me. I want to be better. I want to feel even more confident in my abilities as a musician. I want to feel that I deserve respect for the amount of effort I put into practicing. I want to actually practice. I want to prove to myself that I am a self-motivated individual. I want music to be part of my life forever.

This is me cementing my goal into my life. I’ve been playing instruments for 12 years now. And I want to see that number grow as I do. As I age, learn, and improve.