3 Days in KL (Kuala Lumpur) – A Review

Roti canai, teh terik, chicken satay, oh how I miss you.

My trip to KL was not part of my original plan. As I searched flights from Indonesia to Seoul, every option had a layover in KL. Having been told that 9 hours wasn’t really enough to experience the city, I made the decision to spend 3 days in the Malaysian capital.

I was a little apprenhensive about the humidity, having melted countless times over in Bangkok and then recovering in Indonesia. My 3 days were thankfully lacking the humidity levels I feared; the weather was hot and still but not at the levels I experienced in Thailand.

Armed with firsthand knowledge from a friend that had spent a few weeks of her own eating her way through the capital of Malaysia, I was looking forward to food-filled days. Combined with an amazing and cheap Indian restaurant attached right beside my hostel, I was set.

My first day in the capital happened to concide with Hari Merdeka, or Independance Day. Merdeka Square was the site where the British flag was raised and the Malaysian one raised on August 31, 1957. The main square was the sight of a huge parade of dancers, army and government members, and floats. The mood was joyful and festive, and I got to marvel at the mix of British colonial and Islamic archtitecture in the surrounding area.


Military planes fly over the Sultan Abdul Samad Building during the Merdeka parade

Even though it wasn’t humid, the heat got to me quite quickly and after 2 hours I headed back to the hostel to plan out my evening. I decided to find a beef noodle shop along Petaling Street.

At this was quite sick of being hounded by stall owners, so stopped my walk early and sped walked to my beef noodles refuge.

On my second day I made my way to the Petronas Twin Towers. The bottom was filled with people trying to get the perfect shot, and touts trying to get said tourists to purchase selfie sticks. With the skills acquired from the last 3 months of travel, I managed to get some good shots with no selfie stick required.


Tol and smol

And then proceeded to eat the best chicken satay of my life at Madame Kwan’s in the Suria KLCC mall.

Day 3 I made my way to the Batu caves, a Hindu religious site built into, well, a cave. I was a little nervous because the monkeys here are supposedly quite brave, and after being chased by one in Indonesia I didn’t want to be subjected to thtat again. Thankfully, brave didn’t equate to aggressive in this situation. I made my way up the 272 stairs, spent a while wandering the inside of the caves (where unfortunately they were completing a lot of renovation work and had a lot of the areas fenced off) and sweating, and made my way back to KLCC for more chicken satay. And mango sago.


If I had more time in Malaysia I would have planned to spend some more time outside the capital. However, thesse 3 days were perfect for a bit of sightseeing, and a lot of eating.

Until next time!

Next up, South Korea!


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