Lying: A Recurring Theme

Sorry folks, this post isn’t going to be as exciting as the title may entail.

It’s more about how I go “I’M GOING TO WRITE EVERY WEEK.”

Then after one week: “I’M GOING TO WRITE EVERY TWO WEEKS.”

The latter is the latest promise of mine; the promise to write a nrew post every two weeks.

WELLLLLLL WHATTYA KNOW. I LIED (Again. And me lying (again) is the most common theme that has been written about here (along with music)).

So while I made this blog to keep up my writing, ask opinions, share opinions, rant, etc…the only thing I’ve learned is that I should not make promises I can’t keep. Namely about when I’ll write my next blog post.

That being said, I’m going to go on and completely ignore my own warnings and advice by proclaiming that NOW is when the every-two-weeks posting shall commence!

And it will.

I have ZERO excuses for not keeping that up. Even if it’s a mere recount of my week or a certain day of the week, the post will be written. This will help me, and I know after a few weeks of this it will get easier to keep up.

So, this post will NOT count as the first. Because that seems like the easy way out; “Oh but I already wrote my first blog post!”


Later in the week I will write the first of many continuous semi-weekly (Or bi-weekly…whichever one you use to describe a ‘once-in-every-two-week scenario) blog posts.


Where it all began

Musically, that is.

As in, where my love of Celtic music started.

It’s all thanks to those lovely random snippets of memories from childhood that decide to come to the forefront of one’s mind because of one little thing that triggers an avalanche of nostalgia.

Let’s begin!

On a Saturday afternoon a few weeks back, I was searching desperately for music to listen to while completing a physics assignment. For reasons unbeknownst to me, a reel started playing in my head…and I spent a good five minutes trying to figure out where this was from.





I’m not exactly sure how to define how I felt; excitement for sure, as I was looking forward to hearing the whole piece again. Successful for remembering where the reel was from. Anticipation for listening to my childhood soundtrack once again. And then a mix of nostalgia and sadness (that so much time had passed since I had been a 3 year old dancing in my grandparent’s TV room to the live special taped in New York City in 1996 or so). So this emotion was…exsucannosad. Sounds about right.

Anyway, my next stop was the youtubes. After a frustrating ten minutes of searching up soundtrack songs, I chose a clip of a song from the exact same performance that my grandparents had taped and I had watched countless times. Thanks to chronological titles, I was able to find the very first clip, corresponding to the first dance number. The costumes, the music, the dances, small little things that I had forgotten and then remembered were all running back into my memory like wildfire. I then proceeded to spend the next one  and a half hours re-watching the very thing that defined my childhood, planted a love of Celtic music in me, and inspired me to start up violin a few years later.

After watching all the clips I was so amazingly happy and giddy. For more reasons still unbeknownst to me, that little bit of childhood nostalgia had invigorated me and instilled a sense of completeness. As if I had been missing something (I don’t know what) and then found it (still don’t know what).

I’m not sure if there’s a point or moral to this blog, but I think that if everyone could recapture a small part of their childhood that made them incredibly happy or inspired them when older that, for a moment, life would get just a little easier.

ImageReel Around the Sun

-The piece that started it all. Go check it out if you need a pick-me-up 🙂

Because Scott (AKA, I can’t count)

Well, the truth comes out.

I can’t count to three.

As a musician, this is worrisome.

Anyways, it would appear I forgot my 3rd tidbit for you all in yesterday’s post. I hereby post the official 3rd piece of information right here and now:

3.) Rufous Hummingbirds will always defend the same number of flowers in their territory regardless of their territory size. This is because after a certain territory size the energy wasted from flying around defending such a large area outwighs the benefits (in this case, energy gained from nectar).

I like hummingbirds. And I find it fascinating that they just know how many flowers to defend.

So there you are!

Unfortunately, as I just had my ecology exam, this no longer counts as studying…

This counts as studying

Just three little tidbits of information for any of you fine collectors of random facts.

(Background: I’m studying environmental science and focussing on applied biology (total animal lover) so as I review my ecology notes what better way to review then to present some cool facts to you lovely reader?)

1.) Human females have the capability to have 1 child every 10 months from sexual maturity until menopause.

-Let us take a moment to pause, gag, and shudder                                                                …                                                                                                                                             Let’s continue, shall we?

2.) Trophic efficiency in aquatic ecosystems is about 10%. Tuna feed of pelagic fishes, which on turn feed on zooplankton, which in turn feed on phytoplankton. With a 10% efficiency 100kg of phytoplankton are needed to support a 100g tuna.

Here’s the thing…


Meaning that 1 tuna requires 250000kg of phytoplankton to support it. And we fish a lot of tuna.

Well I hope I brought some cool unnecessary information into your life for today. 🙂