Hello again!…I know it’s been a while…I’m sorry…real sorry…OH HEY CONCERTS!

Well as the title suggests, I am deeply deeply sorry for the lack of blogging that’s occurred with Pertaining to the Present. I can plead insanity due to school and work and volunteering but let’s face facts; pure laziness is the true villain in this story. For the sake of all things beautiful (like cake) let’s hope it’s been put to rest (at least for the time being) because, as a giant fat apology to you and giant kick in the butt to me as motivation to get back into action, I will be posting back to back blogs today and tomorrow, and then intend to make posting a once a week event.

I’m not sure about you, but I definitely feel that one blog post a week is not only manageable but a brilliant way to keep up the good ol’ writing skills. As a student of the sciences my writing is limited to lab reports and academic journal discussion.

SO as the title also suggests this day’s feature will be a review of the concerts I have attended, and those I am beyond stoked to be in attendance of.

To date, 2013 has been an amazing year for me because it’s the first time I’ve been going out to legit concerts. I’ve finally been to outdoor venues and legal 19+ venues and it’s been a huge rollercoaster of excitement pre-concert, dance-mania in concert, and euphoria post-concert (and repeat).

March 2013
March 16th was the day me and four other friends went for the St. Patrick’s weekend party aka Spirit of the West and Good for Grapes aka PARTYTIME which was also the first time I had been to the Commodore Ballroom. I was not disappointed. The venue was absolutely gorgeous, the people were loud and drunk and friendly, and the music was the perfect dose of folk and dancing for the melancholy spring semester I had been experiencing.

May 2013
May 24th.
Okay. This was the big one. Mumford and Sons. My last blog post addressed all the feels pre-concert so you all get a 1.5 month late review of what went down during the concert.
My friends and  got very close to the front, having been in line a few hours before gates opened. Best choice we made. Every minute from 5pm to 7pm was one minute more before I got to witness and experience my favourite band in my home province. They did not disappoint. From the opening chords of “Babel”, the manic dancing to “Little Lion Man” and “I Will Wait”, to the complete and utter happiness that engulfed me as I and 24999 other fans danced our hearts out to their encore performance of “The Cave”, I still smile to myself when I recall the euphoria I felt on the evening of May 24th.

June 2013
A few months back I clicked on a youtube video that had been hovering around the corner of my vision for the past few videos I had been watching. I clicked, not expecting too much (youtube tends to disappoint me). However, I was NOT disappointed by the band I had just stumbled upon: The Staves, a trio of three sisters from England, and their poetic melodic song “Winter Trees”. June 17th they graced Vancouver with their presence and me and my group of friends had the luck to experience a 1.5 hour serenade of the most lovely harmonies and melodies I have ever heard from a band.

July 2013
Hoo boyyy
 July is/was a doozy. First up there was the Canada Day Cloverdale celebrations July 1st and the Khatsahlano Music + Art Festival July 13th. Both featured one of my favourite local bands, Good for Grapes. [SIDENOTE: if you are in the lower mainland check them out; they are in the Peak Performance Project Top 20 and you will not regret it. http://www.facebook.com/goodforgrapes ]
This group is full of life and energy on stage, and their style of folk is phenomenal. At these two separate outdoor events me and my friends were dancing our hearts out, which is exactly what summer music events should be all about.
And now, for what’s to come. July 26. I am beyond excited for this date. Caravan Palace, a french electro-gypsy-swing group I was introduced to recently, will be gracing Vancouver with all their class. This is my scene. The joint will be jumping.

September 2013
A break in August before Murder by Death comes by September 2nd to mark the end of a other successful summer break. And then Sepember 19th will be here. And with September 19th comes The Lumineers. Another obsession of mine due to their simplistic, catchy, upbeat, folk sound.

And (for now, at least) that is all! All the music that has come and has yet to come will keep this girl dancing ’til the cows come home.

Let’s Folk

In one week’s time
I will be,
Alongside two (and probably more; my friend group likes to engulf other friend groups. LIKE AN AMOEBA) of my wonderful friends


And I’m aware some of you (hopefully, only a few. Wait…I only have a few readers…so best case scenario one or zero (ZERO FTW)) are thinking “So what?” “Don’t care.” “Shut up I hate you.” “I couldn’t get tickets now you’ve made me sad thanks a lot…” and I apologize if the latter is the case. However, this is not to be  blog post about my feelings of the concert; it is a backstory of how me and one of my favourite bands (and genres) came to be.

In early 2011 I was at a musical transition point in my life. Having found myself listening to punk rock bands for the last three years I was feeling a little…bored. This isn’t the most correct term as I still am a huge fan of bands such as Anti-Flag and Rise Against; however I can’t think of one that describes how I was ready to find more music to add to my playlists.

Anyways, along comes 2011, and with it the discovery of a radio station based out of Victoria, “The Zone 91.3”. It immediately became my new favourite station. A bit of punk rock, a bit of grunge rock, and loads upon loads of local BC artists (SUPPORTYOURLOCALMUSICSCENE). Among this treasure trove was another group to be discovered: Mumford and Sons.

The Zone started playing their single “The Cave” and I was smitten already 5 seconds into the song. I can remember sitting in the car as it played and not being able to think anything else other than “These guys are good….like….amazingly amazing…” (Forgive my 17 year old brain for lack of adjectives). And then I looked them up on the youtubes. And fell in love. This was the first time I had found a band in which the members incorporated so many different instruments into their sound, and on top of all were each multi-instrumentalists themselves.

Then came (in no particular order, and to only name a few) Johnny Flynn, The Staves, Aidan Knight, Beirut, Feist, Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, and so so so many more than I can type.

And how I have been folking ever since.

And how I will continue to folk up to and past next Friday.

With Mumford and Sons.

Folkster out.

Mumford and Sons Holland Park // Holland Road