To live the gypsy life or not…



Now before you groan and plan your assassination of me for that comment let me defend myself by stating that today is, in fact, a happy monday morning for me.


And I am quite excited.

And I promise details, LOTS OF THEM. But first, I have a blog post I promised you all (From last week…my deepest apologies)

When we left off last week our young heroine had just been cornered by a young gypsy man from Chiynyoloslovakia* who was begging her to run away with him back to his homeland overseas so she could forever play violin in a wandering minstrel folk band-


Is it kind of sad that I wish it would? But that I’m not really sure I would take handsome gypsy man up on his offer?

Saying I adore music is a huge understatement; if something were to happen that prevented me from being a musician I would not be able to function. Although I’m not pursuing it post-secondary I would not give up my club orchestra and band for anything.

That being said, I’m not sure if I would give up my current post-secondary education or not if the opportunity to pursue music in a band arose. For a while I was adamant that I wanted to complete my degree before anything else because it’s a huge personal goal for me and I want to reach that milestone. However if touring was a once in a lifetime chance then I know that rejecting the offer would be one of the greatest regrets of my life.

Decisions, decisions…that hopefully will not have to be made while I’m still in university. I am content with where my music is at this point. And while I would jump at the chance to perform for a live audience the question still lies as to whether I would jump at the chance to run away to Chiynyoloslovakia** with an attractive gypsy man…

*Still not a country                                                                                                             **Just googled it. Definitely still not a country.



Once again, I LIED: When things are right but wrong

Well just having come back from the dentist I have a new exciting post that I’m desperate to write about before following through on my dual-violinist-personality post.

I do apologize for making you all wait for my planned post but let’s be honest, a little anticipation never hurt anyone 😉

But because you are all amazing I will write not one but TWO posts today, the latter being my pre-planned one 😀

Now back to today’s story…

When i was eight I chipped one of my front teeth and had to get a temporary cap bonded onto it. So for the last 11 years I’ve lived a normal-toothed life…until a few months ago when I noticed that one corner of my tooth was begining to wear down. Last time I was at the dentist’s he just filed it down and sent me on my way.

And then I got another chip in my tooth. Not huge or life-threatening, but annoying and something I wanted gone. So today I had another cap bonded on to fix the chip and the worn-down corner. All good!




After running one’s tongue over a slightly chipped tooth for a few months one gets accustomed to the feeling of a non-linear tooth line. But now as feel my tooth reborn it feels different and odd and weird and wrong.

Even though it’s right.

And the award for most random morning thought goes to…


I’d like to thank the academy, my genetics, my wonderful brain, and mirrors for this award.

So for anyone not in my friend circle, I am half Taiwanese half British. This translates to (in my case) short, dark hair and eyes, pale complexion, small nose, and _____ eyes.

I know what you’re thinking: “What is ______ ?”

Or you may be thinking about dolphins and Christmas. Who’s to say. I don’t read thoughts. But you’re reading this blog so you’re subject to my wonderful assumptions 😉

Anyways, that long fill in the blank is there because I don’t know how to describe my eyes. They aren’t fully oriental eyes, nor are they fully caucasian. They’re sort of a-bit-less-than-3/4-but-not-actually-3/5-or-7/10-kind-of-near-more-caucasian-with-oriental-undertones. I mean, I can’t wear black eyeliner without looking dead, and I can’t wear anything other than mascara on my bottom eyelid because of my optical structure.

See my dilemna? Describing halfie eyes is difficult.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post: So today after waking up I was about to wash my face when I looked into the mirror and thought:

“Gee, I look more Asian than normal today.”

This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. It occurs about 3-4 times per month.

To be fair sometimes I feel I look less asian, but I normally have a longer train of thought on the morning I feel I look more asian.

And it all pretty much is because of my eyes. Sometimes they look more oriental, sometimes they don’t.

So there’s a little taste of my morning thoughts. Yep.