Pt I: I keep walking into automatic doors. Pt II: The seasons are a changin’

Well hello!

Long time no see!

No, seriously, it’s been 3 months since I’ve even looked at my blog…what kind of terrible writer blogger person am I?

The answer?


Well considering my semester schedule only leaves time for screaming into my pillow let’s go with the ever so lovely stressed university student writer-blogger-person! (Sidenote: I’m finding it really odd to refer to myself as a writer. Am I allowed doing that, officially?)

Anyways, my sincerest apologies for my absence. However, the bright side of this situation is that I have many MANY blog posts to write. But…it’s close to finals…so to be on the safe side I’m just going to say let the sporadic posting begin!

Pt I: In which our young heroine continues the astonishing feat of walking too damn fast for those darn automatic doors

I’ve always been a speedy walker. My mom has always been taller than me, and so walking beside her from a young age has caused my walking speed to be…higher than average, for lack of a better term. The effect of this is that I now have the tendency to be completely oblivious when I leave friends a few blocks behind when walking somewhere. And (now to the good stuff) that I keep walking (Actually, a more accurate term would be “nearly-walking”) into automatic doors.

It’s usually always a close call with me and automatic doors. Malls are no problem because of the constant stream of people. I’m never in too big a lull  in crowded areas for my affliction to come into play. School, however, is a completely different story. Being used to doors opening without having to think came second nature to me in the fall of 2011. At SFU, however, a threat loomed:


The result? Oh who am I kidding you can guess the result. I walked into the doors. Multiple doors. At least once each. Oh the joys of taking two semesters to figure out the correct speed at which to walk towards these doors. You know that thing that happens when you try and compensate your steps to avoid something and you flail around like an idiot? Yeah that’s me. However, I am proud to say that I’ve now mastered the AQ doors (Sidenote for non-SFUers; these are merely different areas of the university). The next step? The Physics/TASC II building. The speed at which I must proceed onward in this area is, for me, the equivalent of a sloth. I can’t take it. 4 sets of automatic doors. All of which I MUST COME TO A COMPETE HALT AT in order to not slam into them. Whoever designed this system, you did a stellar, stellar, job. I LOVE WALKING INTO DOORS.

Pt II: In which our heroine wishes to bring the public’s attention the the fact that it’s spring.



To live the gypsy life or not…



Now before you groan and plan your assassination of me for that comment let me defend myself by stating that today is, in fact, a happy monday morning for me.


And I am quite excited.

And I promise details, LOTS OF THEM. But first, I have a blog post I promised you all (From last week…my deepest apologies)

When we left off last week our young heroine had just been cornered by a young gypsy man from Chiynyoloslovakia* who was begging her to run away with him back to his homeland overseas so she could forever play violin in a wandering minstrel folk band-


Is it kind of sad that I wish it would? But that I’m not really sure I would take handsome gypsy man up on his offer?

Saying I adore music is a huge understatement; if something were to happen that prevented me from being a musician I would not be able to function. Although I’m not pursuing it post-secondary I would not give up my club orchestra and band for anything.

That being said, I’m not sure if I would give up my current post-secondary education or not if the opportunity to pursue music in a band arose. For a while I was adamant that I wanted to complete my degree before anything else because it’s a huge personal goal for me and I want to reach that milestone. However if touring was a once in a lifetime chance then I know that rejecting the offer would be one of the greatest regrets of my life.

Decisions, decisions…that hopefully will not have to be made while I’m still in university. I am content with where my music is at this point. And while I would jump at the chance to perform for a live audience the question still lies as to whether I would jump at the chance to run away to Chiynyoloslovakia** with an attractive gypsy man…

*Still not a country                                                                                                             **Just googled it. Definitely still not a country.


Not sure if blogging correctly, or…/Oh hi freedom!

First things first:

First semester of second year?



First thing I did?

Cleaned and vacuumed my room as there was 3 weeks worth of clothing hiding the floor from view.

Anyways, relating back the the first half of this title, I have an outline all ready for my next two blogs (not counting this one). As the title mentions I’m not sure if there’s some “blog-guidelines” or unspoken rule relating to planning out blog posts in advance…

But anyways, here’s a quick rundown of what the next two days (not counting this one) will bring to you lovely readers:

1.) In tomorrow’s post, our young heroine explains the origins of how she came to be a fly, classy, orchestral violinist by day and a kick-ass, folkster, dancing gypsy violinist by night*

*(Read as: “It took 10 years for me to really appreciate being classically trained” and “Joining a gypsy/folk band was the best decision of my life”)

2.) In thursday’s post the one question that you’ve all been burning to ask will finally be answered: What would our young heroine do if a gypsy boy came and swept her off to Chiynyoloslovakia* to become part of a wandering minstrel folk band in the middle of her university studies?

*Not actually a country, meant to represent the allure of Europe and all things gypsy.

Well, unspoken rule or not, I’m quite excited about the posts I have yet to write.

Now to reap the benefits of being done with finals.

…Only 4.5 more years to go…