About Me..Kind of

A short but sweet post that will address the most miscellaneous of facts regarding moi.

1.) With the exception of the two minute walk from my school locker to the gym change-room, or in the privacy of my backyard garden I will not be caught wearing flip-flops in public. They make weird sounds, they make the heels of your foot dirty (which then everyone can see), they’re tacky and, for me, they are a big big big no-no (Which has to do with the fact that they make my feet hurt).

2.) Leggings aren’t pants.
For the love of…everything…just cover your butt. Please. They are not pants. No. Not ever. Stop.

3.) I kid you not, I didn’t really discover the internet until this year. I now spend hours flipping from tumblr to facebook and and photography sites and imgur and (now, at least) wordpress and help me I need help.

4.) I will willingly wake up at 6am to catch a 7am bus to go to gym at 8am before my 9:30am class.

4a.) I feel like I’ve wasted half my day if I sleep in anytime past 10am. 9:30 is the threshold of my comfort zone for sleeping in.

I hope these help you all in your future endeavors.