While in Transit: 6 Days in Zurich – A Review

As I write this, I’m bound for Bangkok!

And I’m super nervous.

Admittingly, whenever a travel day comes up I’ve felt a mix if nervousness and anxiety. Will I get to the station/airport on time? Will it be easy to get around? I can happily say that over the last 5 weeks, those worries have been for naught. But now, heading to South East Asia, somewhere I’ve yet to explore, the nervousness is a bit different. A little bigger…but combined with excitement (and dread. Because humidity. Why I did this to myself I’ll never know…).

5 weeks flew by. It was a wonderful first experience travelling solo in Europe and there’s so many places I hope to return to, and many more to see foe the first time. I met with friends and family, spent time with some cool new people, and found some mountains to calm my heart.

I spent the last 6 days in Zürich, Switerland and yes, it was expensive. Mainly the transportation…food was as expected.

The first night I shook off the exhaustion of an 8 hour train ride to go for dinner with a friend. We drove through mountains and I felt like I was back in BC. 

<img width="5312" height="2988" alt="" src="https://pertainingtothepresent.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/20170712_1935291.jpg" title="My mountains

Then when I returned to the hotel I proceeded to crash and sleep for 12 hours.

So I took the next day easy. Explored around my place, got some groceries, and then went for dinner in Lucerne. In the evening, what is more than likely a hige magnet for tourists was calm, peaceful, and shining over the river. A beautiful way to finish off an easy day.

On Friday I explored around the town. I climbed up the Grossmünster for amazing city views, and walked along the water. 

On Saturday I did a beautiful hike from Felsenegg to Uetliberg. It was about 6km, and I had expected it to take 2 hours given that I planned to take pictures.

It took me 1 hour 20 minutes. Even with taking photos. I also hiked up the next evening, this time from the bottom of the same area, instead of somewhere 6km away. This time I did it with 2 friends I met back in Vancouver who both lived in Zürich.

Monday was a short boat cruises around the lake. I had originally planned to take the boat all the way to the opposite side of the lake to a town called Rapperswil. That would have costed me…$80.00

So I took the short round trip whoch only cost $18.00

While it may not have taken me all around, it was still a glorious way to enjoy  the sun and be on the water; in addition to seeing the city from another angle.

And today…

Welp I finished this post way faster than anticipated…

Visited a waterfall, walked around a small old town where a technical university is located…and now waiting to board my flight to Bangkok (with a layover in Dubai).

Until next time!

Next up, Thailand!