An Ode to Summer Festivals: Pt II

The Cabin in the Woods (WE TALKED TO FAMOUS PEOPLE)

We actually did. It was quite an amazing night.
And so with this post I bring the last summer weekend to an end. It was my first ever road trip (as mentioned is the previous post) and I can’t imagine a better way to have spent it.


Well, 5 hours of uncomfortable sleep (YAY TENTS AND AIR MATTRESSES) later we headed on down for another full day of sun and fun and music and all things in between. I built up the nerve to swim for a bit in the frigid ice water and all I will say about that is that thank god the sun was right overhead (Because warmth).

I even walked around the beach a bit to a quaint little cove area with huge rocks just waiting to be explored. Sitting down and looking out over the landscape and frolicking festival-goers I felt at peace with everything in my life at that moment.

Then back to the dancing! One of the bands who had played the previous night (Who we also are friendly and familiar with) played again, and with them came back our hippie freedom and dance party.
(Sort of unrelated side note, they’ve just released an album, which I intend to review for my next post).

Thank the stars for that familiarity and friendliness, because we got invited to the yearly after-party at Bob’s cabin (He’s, from what I could tell, known by pretty much everyone who attends this festival). This cabin was built by hand and it the most beautiful home I had ever been inside. Food, warmth, beer, friendly people, friends…I’m not really sure what else you need because I was more than content that night.

ONTO THE EVENING SHENANIGANS: One of the bands that performed at the Festival, The Matinee, also happened to be in attendance of the cabin party. A few of our friends were also friends with this band, and with the way things work out in life we all ended up talking music. The highlight of this night was definitely performing some stripped down Soup the Moose (Also featured on a previous blog post!) originals, and then discussing music and band politics with one of the members of The Matinee, who was extremely impressed and understanding with us and our situation (And so sweet and kind and an all-around amazing individual).

This conversation reaffirmed my will to continue jamming and playing with friends even it the music never gets out of our houses. I did need it, as this time period happened to coincide with a lull in my motivation to put time aside for instrumentation.

After another 5 hours of sleep, packing, tea and coffee, driving, ferry rides, meeting up with friends on ferries, driving, and another ferry, we arrived home. I was exhausted, but collected all of my remaining energy for the Murder By Death concert that was also that night (No regrets. None. I’m so happy I made myself go out).

I definitely can’t wait for next year’s festival. Spending the last free weekend before school on a beach at a festival with friends with no cares in the world is the ultimate definition of freedom. Here’s to a summer of music, dancing, sun, road trips, and good company.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooking out to the Pacific